A Hate for Love

Hi there, I know you've got hurt, I know he left you all alone on the sidewalk and makes you cry, and I know how you did just to make him stay. But enough is enough, you cant have him back, you cant turn back the hands of time and wish that there can be... Continue Reading →


Did you ever fall inlove like it was the only thing in this world you could hope for? Well I did, so many times... so many times that I can't even think why I did. I locked up myself inside and try to block all the things that might hurt me, but nothing happened Im... Continue Reading →

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There is no magic, it is our heart  who creates this things we called magics. SO if you want to have something magical create one -KageKinomoto

Her Sentinel

Flower blooms in the lawn Sun rise after the dawn And the day set it’s crown Another chapter unfolds   A child with a dream A heart to conceal As a wondrous charms Everyone forgets   Her sentinel is gone Now she is alone Oh! her sentinel come! And whisper a dream once more  ... Continue Reading →

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