For the Girl I know

I found a girl with a scar in her heart

A scar that barely notice because of her innocence

A scar that been stamped and crumpled

Without caution

A scar that she kept, a long time ago
I know this girl

Who cries a lot

Who wishes things will be well

She tends to get insecure

To the things she pretend to have
For the girl I know 

Who weep at night and mourn at day 

Who wishes that nights she could lay

For her sorrows to fade 

Like how waves of ocean flees 
This is for the girl I know

Who smiles even she disputes her

Who forgives without their “sorry”

Who hold on tight eventhough she’s hurt 

Who turn every gray into rainbow

Who love without exemption

This is the girl I know

That I found in the mirror


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