A Hate for Love

Hi there, I know you’ve got hurt, I know he left you all alone on the sidewalk and makes you cry, and I know how you did just to make him stay. But enough is enough, you cant have him back, you cant turn back the hands of time and wish that there can be you and him. Stop stalking and mingling with his friends, for the hope that there can be still a chance. Girl you’ve done enough, you’ve done enough to hurt yourself! He’d done enough to hurt you! Why can’t you give yourself a favor, stop all this and move on. 

You blame his new girl, you posted tons of tweets about how beautiful you are compare to her, you uplift yourself while you push her down on the lowest pit as possible, oh dear can’t you see?  Is not her fault, never her fault! Want to know why? Because she never intended to ruin the thing you thought a fairytale, she never knew a thing about the both of you, the only thing she did was, fall inlove. Now can you blame her? Can you really blame her for your pain?

You didn’t know how much pain you’ve caused her, just because of your selfish did. You make her feel bad about herself and think things are just a facade. Oh dear, if you just knew how she ask him to talk to you, to end all this. May I remind you, she is also a lady, she knows that pain, she knows how you felt, and she knows how much you’ve cried. That is why she kept her mouth shut,she let you take the floor and hurt her up until now. Oh dear, not because you are hurting it doesn’t mean you have to hurt others too.

 Tell me, did that thing made you happy after ruining her life? That a lady like you got hurt not because of love but because of your words.

You are beautiful just like a rose, and every rose has a beautiful vase to fit in. He might not be the best for you, but he is the best for others. You might not be the best for him but you are the best for others. You are unique and special and so does she. Oh dear, see things through different perspective dont let your hatred ruined you and change you into a hideous beast. Still be the girl you know you are.


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