Card Captor Sakura

I still remember when I was on grade school the only thing that runs through my mind is ‘Why cant I be like that girl, Sakura’. I always run home early just to watch her using the magic key that will turn into a staff, unlocking it by saying “Oh key that hides the power of darkness reveal your true from before me, I Sakura command you under our contract  RELEASE!”, just how magical could that be right?

Sakura Kinomoto is an energetic, loving, cute, cheerful and kind type of girl, she is also a cheerleader and an excellent runner. She has this bestfriend named Tomoyo Daidouji, who supports her  and creates beautiful dresses for Sakura, oh she also love filming Sakura and she even create cute poses. I still remember its first episode, how Sakura bravely catch the FLY using the WIND card. Then Kero-chan also known as Cerberus one of the guardian of the clow cards, who stood by her side, to support, guide and to protect her. With Cerberus guardian  Sakura continued on collecting all of the scattered cards, but suddenly a boy named Li Syaoran came. At first they became rivals but sooner as the story goes they become lovers. Oh dear, Syaoran is my first love! all of his cool and sweet acts towards Sakura they made me fall inlove, oh its tsundere acts!!!! (Fangirl).

Ok now back to the story, Sakura has a crush on Yukito Tsukishiro her brother Toya best friend, and after a few episodes Yukito-san unconsciously turned into  Yue one of the guardians of the Clow Cards. Yue tested Sakura worthiness, he has this cold, serious intimidating actions (oh another tsundere type!!) exact opposite of his human side Yukito who is sweet, kind and gentle. Yue did not easily accept Sakura because he still have this special bond with Clow Reed the previous owner and creator of the Clow Cards.

After the final judgement, I thought the adventure of Sakura will end but NO, Eriol Hiiragizawa came the reincarnation of Clow Reed. He uses different kinds of magical traps just for Sakura enhance her powers and turn the Clow Cards into Star Cards. As the story goes Sakura turned all of the clow cards into a Sakura Cards even the key was turned into a Star staff. It wasnt easy for Sakura to turned each cards into Sakura Cards, because it requires all of her strength. So Yue one of the guardian of the cards who is actually dependent to Sakura powers have suddenly decreases his life force, Cereberus is aware on what is happening but Yue insisted not to inform Sakura about it. But Toya, Yukito best friend and love interest was actually worried about it, because if Yue disappear Yukito will disappear as well,  so he decided to give Yue the life force he needed, that cause Toya loses his abilities.

In the end of the anime, Sakura and Syaoran has somehow confess to one another, oh try to watch the movies especially The Sealed Card, which really showcase the affection of the two towards to one another.

Sakura and her cards are part of my childhood, they taught me various things in life. Like, there are some things that we think that we cant do but when you just try to step a little bit forward you will know that you can do something that no one else can do. You are stronger than what you think,  Kero-chan used to say “Always expect the Unexpected”. This Anime Card Captor Sakura is just one of the many creations of CLAMP, which successfully showcase a strength of a girl.

Sometimes our age stops us from doing something extra ordinary but what we dont know is on this age you must move or strive something forward, because our world is to vast, there is something that are in-store for us. Our age cant stop us doing the things that we want, our age cant stop us on creating difference, and our age is just a number of years we stayed here in this world.

I am so sure that there is also part of  your childhood that  somehow creates a big impact on what you are now. They might be a good or even a bad experience but they were part of us, they were part of who we are and what we are. We may not foresee our future, we may not have the magical powers, we may not undo or redo our life but one thing is sure we may create our own story

This is Kage Kinomoto, till next time see yah


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  1. This used to be on Teletoon long ago, for where I watched this. If you don’t know this, Teletoon is a TV cartoon channel as they accepted anime shows long ago like this one. They also accepted other cartoons that were glory before things changed later on. So this, was one of them. Cardcaptors was glory on Teletoon long ago.

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